Visit Work with Nature!

Since May of 2017, the Van der Beek family is represented in Costa Rica to welcome visitors on the project and the reserve. They will guide you trough their garden and the reserve, a true tropical paradise of wildilfe and flowers. They also guide students who do research of the beautiful nature in Costa Rica. 

Garden and Jungle tour

With a guided tour through the vegetable and fruit garden, you will discover tens of familiar and less familiar tropical plants, e.g. cacao, banana, sugarcane, ginger, cinnamon and mango. Besides that you will be escorted during a walk through the jungle to look for animals and plants in the wild. Poisonous frogs, toucans, lizards and Heliconia flowers are regular sights to see.

Tour through the Work with Nature reserve

Transport to the reserve will be provided for you. After a 15 minute ride, you will be accompanied by a guide to the reserve. In the reserve itself, you can choose from multiple paths who will take you through the exuberant rainforest that Work with Nature protects and studies. Highlights are the viewing point over the Caribbean lowlands, with in the distance the ocean, the beautiful river Rio San Miguel and variable encounters with a range of wild animals.

Most months, rubber boots are essential. We have a range of different sizes of boots you can use. The walks are arduous, with steep hills and muddy parts, but definitely worth the trouble.

  Price per person

Garden and Jungle Tour + Lunch

25 euro  17000 colones

Tour through the reserve + lunch

35 euro  24000 colones

Full day Tour (both tours) + lunch

55 euro  38000 colones

All-inclusive Tour (Garden and Jungle Tour, Reserve Tour, Night Tour, 3 meals and overnight stay)

90 euro  62000 colones

One night accommodation + breakfast

50 euro  35000 colones






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